Me, Myself & I!

Welcome to my world – my vanity filter; the world I have intentionally created for myself with free tools and resources available. Here I write unapologetically about my Dreams, Ideas and Feelings. Here I determine what happens and control my narrative; here, my past, present and future combine harmoniously so my children can see/know me in all my glory.

By Definition

A definition is a statement of the meaning of a term. Definitions can be classified into two large categories, intentional definitions and extensional definitions. Another important category of definitions is the class of ostensive definitions, which convey the meaning of a term by pointing out examples. Wikipedia

@ the beginning

I may not remember the formative years as others do, but I believe the relevant experiences stuck with me to this day. What others consider Déjà vu, I believe to be a past memory; not from another life or dimension, but this very one I’m living.

Who or What is God?

A deity or god is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines deity as a god or goddess, or anything revered as divine. Wikipedia

Finding God

I remember asking My Dad of Blessed Memory who created God because I was fascinated about the idea of a supreme being who loved us above all and blessed or punished us as we deserved. God had no gender, was omnipotent, omnipresent and unquestionable.

Thankfully, technology has provided the freedom that allows different views on God to be hypothesized and discussed.

Who created the God?
We ask, "If all things have a creator, then who created God?" Actually, only created things have a creator, so it's improper to lump God with his creation. God has revealed himself to us in the Bible as having always existed. Atheists counter that there is no reason to assume the universe was created. continue reading

Pleasing God

(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

(in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
“a moon god”

The seemingly wasted Years

SO I started on the journey all of us must take – to find where I must lay down my roots and grow. I tried to do everything by the book, according to what I had learned, even when it conflicted with what I felt. I couldn’t win. I was so determined serve God in the days of my youth but that would turn out to be impossible because I apparently, I didn’t have what it took.

Institutions of Education, Marriage and Religion where I was groomed to believe ‘were’ the answer to all life’s problems eventually turned out to be the places where may faith was tested and my fate decided. Apparently, I did not develop the requisite masks required to be an integral part.

The way to hell is paved with good intentions this is true. Because no matter how pure, noble or good my intentions were, it just was not enough. I learned the hard way and there was no one to blame – these institutions were now immune to humans. I was now a victim of the tricks others had played of these institution in desperation – there was no way anyone would believe me. I often wondered where I belonged and if I will ever find that peace that surpassed all understanding. I realized I had 2 major decisions.




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