This is the never ending story attempting to explain the infiniteness of life an how it never really ends but transforms – either repeating in a vicious cycle to spiral upward or downward according to the set trajectory of our lives.

This blog seeks to find meaning and purpose in life via the vices already in use, leveraged on our experiences; good, bad and ugly. The common consciousness we share gets stifled under the masks we create to protect ourselves; thus blocking or replacing the true face of God which should naturally be reflected in us.

Pieces of MiE

I have been call mad for many reasons but mostly because I hold up the mirror/magnifying glass. People hate to see themselves for what they really are an I don’t blame them. It’s still a shock when I look at me – its a 2 way mirror you know. So I realized I cannot be free unless I am satisfied with what I see, I constantly attempt adjusting the images I see in order to conform an please God. I started seeing myself in everything to a point of being a narcist.

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.

All sense and sensibility have projected the world we see today. There is nothing new and no coincidences. The signs are everywhere. Find yourself

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